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The first and the foremost aim of the institution behind opening this college is to provide degree leveled education to the students of the rural areas. It is obligatory on the part of the colleges to implement the curricula of various courses designed by the University. Every department of the college works hard to maintain good educational standard of the college is currently established.
The college is conducting regular courses at under graduate level. The efforts have been made to develop skills at under graduate level. The efforts have been made to develop skills along with the knowledge. In order to increase the academic standard of the rural area, the extra coaching classes are being supplemented. Most of the students are taking degree-leveled education in this college, turns to higher education. Now the college is making plan to established Competitive Examination Guidance in the college for the students to face the global competition.

The goal

The goal of the Institution is essentially educational and secular with a view to develop the human potentials in the field of spiritual, educational, moral, philosophical, social and economic upliftment of human beings without making any discrimination on the grounds of the human being without making any discrimination on the grounds of religion, sex, age, caste, community, social status or economic condition.


The first and the foremost objective of the college is to make available the degree education for the students of rural areas.
To encourage the students in the direction of higher education and social research.
To mould the character of the student with the spiritual and moral faculties.

To promote mutual good-will and co-operative feeling for the upliftment of the society.